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The beautiful, young brunette had succumbed to a brain hemorrhage, doctors surmised.

But her husband later confessed to bashing her in the head with a hammer, before he was executed for the murder of his five previous wives.

Since then, storyteller Sebrena Forrest said Friday during a ghost story presentation at the Worth MO wife swapping Pass Library, there have been many police reports of people seeing a naked woman with long, stringy dark hair on Pikes Wantt making gestures of desperation.

Ina man who had worked on Pikes Peak for 33 years stopped his motorcycle at Glen Cove derry free sex classifieds June night after work to have a cigarette and take a leak, when he spotted the woman. He said he threw his leather jacket over her shoulders and gave her a ride to the toll booth down the hill.

But when he stopped the bike, the woman got off, took off his jacket and ran back up the mountain. The next day, he went to the gift shop and learned that the nude woman who had hopped on the back of his motorcycle was a ghost.

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People, including Spencer Penrose, had known about her for years and had named her Desperation Mona. And the accounts happen over a long period of years, from people who have not known the stories, she said.

Desperation Mona is known as a crisis apparition because she died in a crisis, so she materializes in her naked, drowned state, Forrest said. Up in Woodland Park, employees of the Ute Inn, an historic bar and restaurant, have reported glasses zooming through the air and exploding, Forrest said.

When the old Homestead House in Colorado Springs was a bed-and-breakfast, no one wanted to go in one upstairs room because furniture would rearrange itself, and noises could be heard coming from the empty room, Forrest said. The Egg Man of Manitou Springs has been known to follow people, attack them and beat them with his cane. Victims can hear flirting dating short man with whiskers and a hat dragging something want get laid be a Manitou Springs women tonight a leg or a cane, Forrest said, and the sulfurous smell of rotten eggs emanates from the ghost.

One night, the husband found his wife, Louise, crouched in the kitchen, naked and trembling.

But she had no memory of what had happened. Their son was found in his Jeep in the long driveway, where he had been all night, after seeing bright lights and not remembering anything.

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And then, the family could not find some of their cattle. They located 10 cows laid in a circle dead, with a tree dating icp sand in the middle. womeen

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Law enforcement and Air Force officials responded, and told the family if anybody asks, it was predators. One of the creepiest stories that made national news concerns Old Jackknife Tom. He dressed him as a woman.

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He took him to the bar. It was in all the papers.