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Getting spanked by husband

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Oh, I had it coming. I truly did. Honestly, it was long overdue. But it was just so shocking.

That Time My Husband Sent Me to My Room

But dadgum it, the man was on to. My explanation for my inability? My poor, poor mother.

Getting spanked by husband am receiving paybacks for this abuse in the form of a certain child of mine, and I think she now laughs herself to sleep at night.

The junior swim carnival was cancelled.

There was no junior swim carnival. Child indignantly now: I did swim, and I got some ribbons!!

Maybe Ann Voskamp or Sally Clarkson or my neighbor or actually any other adult other than me. You could be right. It got a little ugly. I may have even called a friend to getting spanked by husband my child wrong.

Call me back so I can prove him wrong, because he is definitely wrong.

Getting spanked by husband

Because I am right. We left the argument with no resolution, so—as unresolved conflict tends to do—it came up.

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At the dinner table. There had actually been a good bit of conflict in our house that day—kids fighting, lack of getting spanked by husband, arguing. Emulate me, friends. I am obviously winning at this thing called parenting. Like how you were today about the swim carnival! I want to go to my room.

apanked I would love to eat my dinner in peace alone! I storm to my room in a huff and whip out my phone, ready to end this battle once and for all. Junior swim carnival cancelled.

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Senior swim carnival—grades ! Certain Child was in grade 3 last year.

Meaning, he swam in the senior swim carnival. Maybe I can bury the evidence?

With head hung low and eyes averted, I slunk into the kitchen and admitted my defeat. I apologized to Certain Child and to the rest of the family.

Getting spanked by husband

There was cheering and dancing on tables and endless laughter. Especially swim carnivals. I liked being sent to my room. It was quiet. Then we would go bury our heads in our pillows and laugh like hyenas.

How about you? Have you ever acted a fool with your family and needed a gettinb out? Tell me all about it — your drama is safe with me.

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Email Address. I got sent to my room. As in, recently. By my husband.

Rochester New York wv matures took one of those diagnostic tests which gave us certain results, but Brian disagreed with my outcome. I think your love language is being right. Comments This comment has been removed by the author. Home Blog About Books Contact. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address getting spanked by husband subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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